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Netlify DNS Review

Published by Luke M on


Setup was very easy; all you need to do is input your domain name and change your name servers. You could also register a domain through the Netlify UI, but the price was more than Namecheap. The dns servers are from NS1. There also was an option to add records before transferring servers, so that emails, etc. would never be interrupted.
adding the domain
Adding records
adding dns records

Supported Records

As you can see, Netlify DNS is not only for Netlify-hosted sites, but there are many extra features for Netlify. Namecheap’s dns service has an option to redirect subdomains. Netlify does not have this in the DNS interface, but it is still possible with ` _redirects`.


It is nice to have a clean interface without constant upsells. I am not sure if there is a limit on records, but it does not appear so. I recommend it if you are already using Netlify, and will continue to use it.


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